Strange events, Can you check history?

There have been a couple of strange events with my system recently and I was wondering if someone can look into how they occurred?

  • Feb 6, 6:29pm - The temp was changed to 85 degrees! We were not home, so I’m curious how this could happen? Can you tell if a command was sent from to change the temp?

  • Feb 8, 3:42am-3:58am - Our gargage door was opened and closed a couple of times. Can you tell if this was just the sensor reporting that the door was opened or was a command sent from to open/close it?

From what I can gather in the history, these look like local activity monitors without attached commands.

It looks like the garage is a wifi hub controller with the door tilt sensor, is that correct? The tilt sensor is what reports status, so if there were particularly strong winds you might notice false reportings if the door shakes.

When you returned home, can you verify that the t-stat was indeed on 85 degree set point?

Yes, there is a tilt sensor. There were definitely strong winds last night so that was probably the cause.

When we returned home our entire house felt like a sauna so I checked the thermostat and it was set to 85.


The thermostat is definitely perplexing. No one in the house at the time at all?

Generally the history looks like it would indicate the t-stat was changed manually or controlled directly from the alarm panel.

Nope, definitely nobody home. I didn’t have the system armed, but the thermostat is in a hallway with a motion detector and I can see that it went idle at 5:10pm and was not activated again until 8:10pm when I checked the thermostat.

I’ll see if I can get more detailed info from ADC on that specific case. Was your schedule otherwise supposed to change to another temp when it was set at 85? In other words, did it occur at a normal schedule change point?