Stopped receiving video push notifications

I continue to receive push notifications for other alerts such as doorbell motion, door lock and unlock, and open doors and windows. I was getting video motion notifications from my ADC-728PF security camera but after my most recent plan renewal, I stopped receiving notifications for video motion alerts.

I am seeing video analytics notifications going out this morning, however it looks like you may have reinstalled a camera to troubleshoot, is that correct?

The first steps in this case if you notice it occurring would be to check the recording rule to make sure it is still active, the rule may be paused.

If the recordings are still happening but notifications aren’t being received, double check your rule parameters. While the camera will record any activity triggering it, the notifications are sent based on selected object detection. If you select Person and Vehicle only for example, you won’t receive any notification if the software does not detect it is a person or vehicle, if it gets labeled other.

Yes I removed the device from my account and then re-added it and configured the recording rules which fixed the problem. It seems to be working as intended now. My previous troubleshooting involved removing the push devices and disabling push notifications and then reconfiguring the push devices and push notifications but that didn’t work.

Looks like the last notification before the gap was sent on 6/29, then a couple days of no video push notifications. If that occurs again, double check the upload quota to see if you may have hit the upload limit for the month as well.

If the uploads are still occurring but no notification is being sent out, double check that the events match the notification rule (for example if you only get notifications of people, did the clips get identified as person recording?)

I’ve had a few issues issues with video notification in the last couple months. One lasted more than a day. The other lasted maybe half a day. I’m guessing issues with If it happens more I’ll report it again.