Still no floodlight cams? What is the workaround?

Hi! I set up a Ring system for my neighbors this past weekend, and it was pretty sweet. I know there are plenty of privacy complaints about Amazon, but I have to say: everything set up effortlessly, and everything worked flawlessly, and everything was super user friendly for even the least tech savvy people in the household.

I am however too invested in my ADC setup to change right now. Yet, I was impressed by those excellent outdoor cameras with motion detection, floodlights, siren, two way audio! And I need outdoor cameras anyway.

On researching on the web and in these forums, I see inquiries about ADC floodlight cam availability back more than six years.

My questions:

  1. Why in 2024 is ADC still avoiding this obvious baseline feature?
  2. What workarounds do ADC system users typically employ to get real outdoor security?

I’m under the impression that there is an ADC floodlight camera but it hasn’t been released yet. I don’t know when but I’ve heard of people testing it.

Hey that’s exciting! Maybe I’ll hold off on my camera purchases for a bit longer then.