Steaming cams

Hi All,

Is there any other way to stream my cams to a monitor other than using the Str122? I ask bc I read that is discontinuing that device

There is an Video app specifically for Apple TV, Android TV, and Fire TV.

The SVR122 is being discontinued and no longer manufactured, but it will still be supported through, so if you already have one you can keep using it.

There is also the CSVR126 which is a 16 channel SVR still produced by

Hi again
New Adc cam question.
I have several VC826 Dome Cams. They are clear during the day but blurry at night. I have removed and cleaned the inside of the glass dome several times to no avail. I used windex, even used alcohol and acetone. Makes it different but can not get rid of blurr everywhere.
Here is example . On some its worse than this at night but fine in day

when its night time, what temps do you observe? might be condensation or dew, and it could be inside the dome. Try checking it out with a flashlight at night next time you observe this. Might have to take apart the dome, let it dry out for a few hours or so and make sure its sealed properly when you put it back together.

N ga and n Alabama
It’s every night any season soon as dark so don’t think condensation but I’ll check it tonight

It does appear to potentially be IR reflecting off of condensation/fogging. Double check at night.

Do all the cameras have the same level of obscurity at night?

Is there any clear plastic covering the IR lights?

If it’s condensation how can I prevent this from happening? Thx

If it is, double check to be sure the camera is sealed securely. How is the camera mounted? Is it under an overhang, on a wall? A photo of its installed location may help.

Yes they are sealed. When i cleaned them i checked the seal / oring.
All but one are under roof of porches far in from the roof.
Here is pic of one’s installation

(Attachment Clip (March 22 2021 at 1154 AM).mp4 is missing)

Alright, yeah just checking if water might get inside.

Double check at night for condensation, and double check to make sure there is no plastic film on the dome or lens. It would similarly be hard to tell during the day and exaggerated at night due to IRs.