Split: Verizon Network Issues

I am still seeing issues with my system arming and disarming on this network. What was the fix?

Why do I have to log out of the app online to get it to disarm. That shouldn’t be the case. I sent the command from both phone and web. I am happy to do a cell test and send it here.

The original thread this was posted on was a general announcement thread for an issue occurring on the date of the announcement, long since resolved. Anything you are experiencing now would be system specific and should be addressed individually.

Looking at your history, I see what you are referring to. There is a delay on some inbound commands. This is something that has been seen from time to time on Verizon cards, typically a temporary local cell tower issue.

For example, I see three disarm commands sent. All three were acknowledged at the same time after what looks like an 8 minute delay from the first of those 3 commands.

All other commands earlier today look to have acknowledged within a normal time-frame.

Why do I have to log out of the app online to get it to disarm.

This wouldn’t have any impact on what is occurring.

The best troubleshooting step locally would be to power down the system completely, for two full minutes, then power back up. Wait about 5 minutes then run a Cell Phone Test at the panel. Wait a couple minutes, then test a command. There should be no more than a 2 minute delay (in reality it should be about 10-15 seconds normally, but “normal” is considered up to 2 minutes)

Actually, the signal strength in this case is a bit deceiving. The recommended carrier for the area is listed as AT&T.

While you have a strong signal strength, it is listed as Roaming by VZ. This is likely having an impact. All available signal readings in history show as Roaming.