SPF fail for support@suretyhome.com emails


I noticed that any emails I receive from support@suretyhome.com including any verification emails (e.g. email verifications, etc.) gets sent to my spam folder or quarantined due the Sender email domain failing spam check for failed SPF.

Any plans to fix this issue so we can safely distinguish trusted emails from malicious emails?

Looking at this report, your SPF is clearly not configured properly.

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Not familiar with this myself, but I have forwarded this to our IT lead to look into.

This has been fixed. Thank you!

FYI, I am seeing SPF failures for emails from today from that address.

Uh oh. Can you share which email specifically? We have a few senders that can send on our behalf.

support@suretyhome.com, when setting up 2FA

We found that an additional SPF record had been created when a new service was being set up which may have been causing the problem. They fixed it by combining them into one. I just tried email 2FA from Alarm.com now and Iā€™m not seeing an issue. Let us know if you still see it. Thanks for reporting!