Speaker Popping Issue Ever Resolved?

So I upgraded to the IQ4 and have experienced the speaker popping issue that others have had. Was there ever a fix for this?

I have not seen a fix for this, nor am I aware of any specific trouble shooting steps to resolve the issue. Additionally, I have not encountered the issue or been able to recreate it myself through testing the IQ Panel 4.

When does the issue occur specifically? Are you able to post a video (with sound) of the issue occurring? You can private message it to us, or send it via email at support@suretyhome.com to keep it off the forum.

I, too, would love an answer to this. Only seems to happen when I’m at the panel, though.

As we have not encountered this issue first hand, I cannot state what steps, if any, resolve the issue but I would try power cycling the panel and testing as a start.

When specifically does this issue occur? Are you interacting with the panel when this happens? Is it before or after an announcement at the panel (Door open, panel disarmed, etc.)?

Hi Tyler,

apologies for taking so long to get back to you. It occurs mostly after the touch sound affect and occasionally after the spoken prompts. I will post a video in the morning.

Feel free to submit it via Private message or email it to us at support@suretyhome.com to keep it off the public forum.