Spam + Mobile site new capta login ?

How do I get the new anti spam screen to go away when I try to log in to from my Balackberry Z10.

It asks for my email and a brief statement why im logging in then enter the #s or letters.

This started about 2 weeks ago -+

Access Denied
This site is protected by the stop spammer registrations plugin


This sounds like a cache issue with the browser. I have never heard of this before.

Can you try accessing your account directly through

Edit: See Ryan’s Post.

Sometimes our spam blocking service blocks valid users. Are you able to access it now? I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

I can access thru a android app fine but still get the captcha screen when I try the shortcut on my mobile (blackberry z10)

Can you tell me exactly what date/time this happened? If not, can you do it again and tell me the date/time of that occurrence? Hopefully I’ll be able to see the reason why it thinks you’re a spam bot. I wish we could stop using anti-spam tools but you might be amazed at how often spam bots try to register and post all kinds of stuff.

6:23pm today 4-18-15 according to my phone and login history of acct

I’ll have it looked into. Is it mainly the ADC login page that you have this problem on?

I’ve white listed your IP address so if that remains the same you won’t get the problem again. Although on a mobile device I doubt that will help much…

Yes only the adc login with using my mobile phone. No issues at all with my laptop. Even using works fine on laptop…

Here is the address it redirects me to…

So Blackberry had a OS update last week or so ago, No more Captcha screen on my Blackberry with web portal… Which is good as I like using it over the Android app sometimes. Android app on Blackberry doesn’t have as many options but its quicker for turning alarm on/off or zwave controls of lights and quick temp setting changes…

Not sure Why captcha is gone but I like it gone… thanks.

We’ve been making some updates in an attempt to solve that problem so I’m glad to hear it helped.