Spa temperature monitoring

Is there any consumer-friendly way to monitor the temperature of a spa remotely, like having a temperature probe in the spa report somehow (z-wave or RF) to an IQ panel or a phone? I’ve been searching for such solutions online, and can’t find any recommendations for suitable consumer products. Most solutions I’ve found involve some degree of jury-rigging beyond my level of confidence. I realize there is an engineering challenge to having a waterproof and chemical-proof temperature sensor that can report wirelessly…

Temperature monitoring is actually a new feature from and Qolsys. In version 2.5 Qolsys added sensor group 25 for non-reporting environmental sensors. You should be able to use the PowerG PG9905 with its outdoor waterproof temperature probe. I haven’t heard of anyone using it for a spa yet but I don’t see why not.

Currently you can only get notifications when the temperature hits a certain threshold but later this year should be releasing a raw temperature monitoring feature so you can track temperate measurements over time in charts, similar to the energy monitoring feature. I have not yet used this new feature myself yet but we’d be happy to investigate if you have any questions about it.