SP1s unable to reconnect

I have two SP1s that I have been using for > 1 year. They sometimes disconnect for no reason. The power went out at our house and ever since I have been unable to get them to reconnect. The both say “Device Connected and paired with a control panel”. Beneath that it displays "broadcasting find request (wlan0)… On broadcast timer. I have power cycled both my main GC3 and both SP1s. I also updated firmware to the latest version ( on the GC3 and SP1s. I also restarted my wireless network a few times. Nothing seems to help. What should I do from here?

I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble with them, but I am happy to help!

What you are describing is actually what you would definitely see if the SP1 was connected to the wifi network, but the GC3 was not communicating on that network for whatever reason.

Your GC3 does not appear to be connected to the internet as I am unable to ping it via broadband and looks like your GC3 is showing broadband backup communication failure as a trouble condition currently.

On the GC3, go to System Settings > Installer Code > Network Settings > Wireless. Check to make sure you are connected to the wifi network, it’s possible the network was forgotten if firmware was updated.

If you are connected to the right wifi network, try forgetting the network and reconnecting. Any luck?

You were right. Easy fix. My main GC3 just wasn’t connected to my wifi network. Just went into settings and re-entered the wifi password and it reconnected no problem. Thanks for the fast response.