Sound not working on new IQ Panel 2 Plus

I received a new IQ Panel 2 Plus yesterday. It came with 2.4.2 and the sound was functioning fine during setup. Later in the day, after initial setup, I updated to 2.5.2. Since then, I can’t get any sound on the panel to work (voice announcements, keyboard/tapping sounds, arming/disarming sounds, etc). I’ve tried rebooting the panel through the advanced settings menu several times. I’ve also gone through all of my sound settings to make sure that I did not have the panel muted or night-time mode enabled.

Any suggestions?

EDIT: I ran a siren test and that worked fine. It’s just all of the other sounds that are not functioning.

There are a couple locations where overall volume settings are found. I know you may have already looked, but just in case, one is under the Sound settings menu, but there is also just an overall volume slider you can adjust as soon as you pull down to reach the Settings menu from the home screen.

Can you confirm that this overall slider is not turned down? Try adjusting it regardless, any change?

Check the individual volumes under Sound settings as well, there are three sliders

Yes, I just checked again that both the individual volume sliders in the sound menu as well as the overall volume slider when you swipe down were all in roughly the middle. I then adjusted them all further upward to maximum as you suggested. I also rebooted the panel one more time after that (through the advanced settings menu option), and then checked again to ensure the settings had persisted. They had, but still no luck.

It looks like you had multiple partitions set up recently is that correct? I think that may have had an impact on this.

I sent a couple commands to your panel, can you double check sounds here in about 5 minutes?

Yes, I was testing partitions out. We are currently building a new addition to our house that will eventually be on a separate partition from the main house with its own IQ remote (in about 6 Months to a Year). So, I wanted to see how it worked now to make sure that it would be a good solution then. After I was done testing, I reverted it to a single partition by disabling partitions in the advanced settings menu. But, I can’t remember if that coincided with the loss of sound or not.

I just tested sound again at the panel and it initially wasn’t working. But, after another reboot, the sound turned back on!

Can you let me know what I did wrong with the partitions so that I do not create this problem again?

It’s hard to say the exact steps that may have caused it, I’m not able to duplicate it here, I just noticed that you had a deleted partition and partitions were enabled, and I checked and the panel was reporting that the option for playing all sounds on partition 1 was disabled. I think it was treating those sounds as being from a different partition for some reason.