Somfy identified under Shade section - Will it ever happen? How do we request?

So I went with Somfy Roman shades in my house. It was substantially less than Lutron, easier to setup, etc.
I read beforehand of the caveats, and was fine with them. I used ZRTSI controllers and have my shades on an automated schedule to go up and down. The “Light Switch” works great to raise or lower them.

My questions is, will ADC ever allow support for Somfy shades to show up under the shade section? Or is it the issue with how Qolsys recognizes the ZRTSI controller and its virtual zones?

Is there any info on the better handling of the ZRTSI for the future? Thanks for the insight!

Z-wave binary and multi-level switch devices, including shades, will currently show up as switches.

The device you are referring to must learn in individual shades as virtual z-wave devices. Each panel manufacturer would need to specifically support and change firmware I would think before you could single out and alter the way the ZRTSI devices report in ADC. None of the panels, to my knowledge, support multifunction Z-wave devices.

We’ve talked with in the past about future plans and I believe that more specified shade controls are planned, but we do not have any sort of ETA at this time on this particular issue.