Something went wrong message while adding devices

2 days ago I tried to add a Jasko lamp module on my IQ panel 2 and something went wrong and I cancel it but since then I can’t add nothing else, when start preparing the system, says is ready but when I go next a ( something went wrong) show up.

Please assist

What went wrong specifically? Was there an error message? Was this on the panel or on the app?

Is the device currently showing up in panel programming? What Node ID is it and what name does it have?

To troubleshoot:

  • Clear the Z-Wave device from the network locally (at the panel).
  • Re-add it, then
  • Run a Z-Wave network rediscovery.

Any Change?

Steps on how to perform the above steps at the panel can be found below

The error is on the app, an on the panel keep saying that there is currently a device discovery running… wait till discovery time out, something like that. I can’t clear or add device

Clear the message at the panel, then reboot the panel by powering it down. Settings > Advanced Settings > Power Down.
Leave the panel off for a couple minutes then reboot. Wait about 10 minutes after turning on the panel to try adding the Z-Wave device locally, any change?