Something keeps turning off my Zwave Switch - Please help

I have 3 routers plugged into z wave switches so I can reset them remotely if necessary

The living room router sometimes shows off even though I never want it off.

I started making rules and schedules to turn it ON to make sure

Today it was off. I searched rules, schedules, and scenes and show nothing that shows something to turn it off. In fact the opposite

Attached is a screen shot of the logs. I didnt turn off the router at 4:54 an d 5:12. I was out gardening.

On Sat Jam 13, its says set the router to 254%? Its not a dimmer. This seems like a really

odd entry

Was this switch previously used for another purpose?

A quick look at the automation rules and I see the Living Room Router device selected as a device to be turned On temporarily, then Off, for a variety of rules, like smoke alarms, burglary alarms, and video doorbell person detection.

That last one looks like the cause of the two times you mentioned. It is selected as a switch to turn on in the event of object detection on the doorbell, then switch off after 5 minutes.

Be sure to remove that device as a triggered device from any automation rules where it does not make sense.


I would never have found that on my own.

I searched under the filter “living room router” and it showed me where it was being turned on. I overlooked the 2 that turn it off after a few minutes (tripped alarm and doorbell) I would never have found the doorbell one

Happy to help.

I’ve mentioned it to ADC previously that added context to user-facing rule events in history would be helpful. So for example instead of an event that just says that the device was turned off, I would prefer it included the name of the rule.

If you are ok with it I’d like to point this out to ADC as an example for them to consider.

Yes, Because I would consider myself more prurient than most, and I missed it.

I even searched with the “filter” to show me every thing with Living Room Router, but still could not find it.

On thing still outstanding is that odd entry where it said it set it to 254%. Its and on off switch with no dimming capabilitiers

That’s an odd one, and doesn’t seem to have any obvious trigger.

The device is showing poor signaling, and seems to be an old Z-wave version. What is the model number of it?

nutone nps15z

i moved it and doing a rediscoery now