Software Upgrade Issue

Hi All,

I had purchased a Qolsys panel quite awhile ago while waiting to close on a new home. The home was a foreclosure so it took forever. Today I decided to install the system. After looking at different dealers it seems SuretyDIY is the place I have chosen. I hooked up the panel and fired it up. Looked in the manual on updating the software and saw this:

Note: Your IQ Panel must be on software version Q1.3.4 and connected to Wi-Fi to install this update wirelessly. If your panel’s software version is Q1.3.2 or lower, DO NOT ATTEMPT A SOFTWARE UPDATE. Please contact for assistance.

My Current Software is Q1.2.5.4 rc1 - ADCS 3.5-ADCL 3.5

Any ideaa what the procedure is for upgrading with software below Q1.3.4?
I have sent an email to tech support about this.

Thanks for any help

Let us know if you hear back prior, but I will be reaching out to Qolsys support when they open today and will report to this thread with update instructions.

Thanks for the help.

Ok, It looks like this panel has pre-production software and was not meant for resale. I had bought this one used on Ebay quite awhile ago.
I am waiting to hear back from Qolsys.

Ah. Yes, that would likely cause problems. Pre-production run panels are not going to be supported, so definitely make sure any panel that you purchase has production firmware. I verified with Qolsys that no firmware update release exists for the panel in its current state.

Ok, Panel is being replaced. I will be back in a few days when I get it to sign up with
Provided of course that the next panel
Thanks for your help.

Ok, Replacement panel is up and running. Software Upgrade worked Easily. Signed up here with
Thanks again for your help.

Not a problem. One of the benefits of Qolsys is the painless upgrade options (They should always be easy). Glad to hear you’re set.