Software Update Q1.4.3rc1

Does anyone have any information about this update? It seems to have just been available today and I would like to see the patch notes or information about what they changed/updated.


There is no new production firmware version available beyond 1.4.2 currently.

The version you listed is an engineering test update.

Looks like they made it available to the public on accident.

Are you saying you have this version on your panel currently?

Yes that’s correct.

Here ya go.

Hello Qolsysguy,

Thank you for choosing to use our products! I have been working with Jason on this to get you back to the standard release version 1.4.2. We have a more simple fix, you can upgrade again via Wifi by pressing “Upgrade Using Network” in the upgrade software menu. This will download the 142 back to the panel and allow you to upgrade to it again. We’re sorry about the accidental release, but hope this quick fix solves the confusion.

Thank you!

Qolsys Tech Support