Software Update Link not working

Hello, the link to download the software to update the panel is giving a 404 error. Can I please have a working link so that I can update my panel. Thank you!

So that we can assist, please let me know what firmware you were trying to get.

Please link or describe the page where the bad link is found.

I don’t work for Surety but this is the link for GC2 firmware updates. Scroll to the bottom for the most recent version:

And this is the link for GC3 firmware:

And this is the link for EDGE firmware:

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Thankyou, will try this one


Will I need my panel code to do this? If so, I don’t remember it and need help resetting the code.

Here are the instructions for updating GC2 firmware:

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Thank you!

You’re welcome.

One other thing to consider: (copied from another forum):

Before upgrading, please check your panel’s current firmware version. In order to use version or higher you must have firmware v 1.9 or higher. If your panel shows a firmware version that is older than 1.9, then please upgrade your panel to version 1.10.1, then proceed to upgrade the panel to the current version.

Looks like you are sorted, just confirming that you do not need any code for updating firmware.

However, in order to trigger the cell phone test which is usually required to activate your service or connect a new module, either the master user code or the installer code would be needed.

If you are just replacing a module and you already have active service you can view your code in under the users page.