So confused. VDB770 or VDB750 Doorbell Camera, which one to get?

The VDB750 is newer, yet it does not have as high a definition camera.

The VDB770, is seen as their flagship yet it’s field of view is less than the VDB750 (and specifics wise has a less FOV from my current Skybell).

I am coming from a Skybell VDB-105x (horrible clarity, and slow video connection to the app)

Which is the better doorbell camera?

How bad is the Field Of View for the VDB770?

How bad is the camera clarity of the VDB750?

Any other differences that I am missing, beyond reading the specifications from the box?

I’d go with the VDB750. If I remember correctly it fixes some problems the 770 had. I’m sure the support team can explain better on Monday.

Thank you for response, I am hoping the Security team can provide me feedback today prior to me purchasing one of them, as I am having difficulty coming to a conclusion between the two

The VDB750 addresses some issues the VDB770 commonly experiences. It technically replaces the Skybell in their lineup, I believe, but it is close to the VDB770 in specs, with a wider field of view.

Importantly it uses no battery, and power issues are less common.

The VDB770 has had a few somewhat common issues due to a handful of reasons. If the power requirements are not followed properly you can damage the unit over time. Underpowering the VDB770 with an old doorbell transformer will often cause failure after seeming to work for a short time.

The battery used by the VDB770 was originally not intended to be replaced, and they took steps to try to maximize its life. While we never saw the frequency of battery issues as we did with the original Skybell HDs, there were still a fair few battery failures and bloating.

I would generally recommend the VDB750.

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