SMS Notifications

I have several monitoring contracts. When I receive an SMS notification, it reads “A Burglar alarm was triggered at “first last name”. Click now to cancel …”

Is there a way to get the messages to read "A Burglar alarm was triggered at “property address” instead?

It makes it difficult to know where the alarm is coming from.

It sounds like you are referring to the Cancel Verify notification when the system is in alarm, correct?

I’m looking into where that information gets pulled from when it comes through as an SMS. For those it should be the System Description name and not First Name Last Name but Im looking for further clarification

Including a screenshot of the SMS message. Not sure how public this forum is, so I’ve redacted some information. But you can see that sometimes the name begins with Ja, and other times Ju, which are my names for different properties (sometimes I use my first name, others I might use my middle name when registering the system, I guess).

Also, if it’s helpful, the number the message is coming from is 96225 (SMS Short Code Number)

Ah, so those are ARM chat messages from the monitoring station. I agree with you, address would work a lot better when you have multiple systems. That is currently set to display the account name.

I’ll reach out to our monitoring team to see what they can do there. That may be a quick update/enhancement.

In the meantime, clicking that link should take you to the chat window which should show the address affected.

Thank you for attempting to enhance your service for me.

Second question… Multiple people get that SMS message. If User A and User B both click it, 1) are we in the same chat and can see each other’s messages, and 2) I recall the system asking for a passcode to disregard the alarm - Will responding to that question reveal the passcode to the other user?

Yes you are in the same chat and can message each other there to share info on alarm and determine if false. The password is entered separately from the chat after tapping the Dismiss button. The chat will then show that it was dismissed, but not the code.