Smoke for IQ4 345MHz

I have a dead 2GIG smoke that I need to replace. To order here I see an IQ smoke, but this specifies the 319.5MHz IQ4. I also see the PowerG smoke which does not specify a frequency for the IQ4. Is the PowerG the only choice for a 345Mhz IQ4?

Related, are there still no compatible smoke/CO combo detectors?

If you have a 345Mhz version of the IQ Panel, you can use either the 2GIG 345Mhz smoke detector or PowerG smoke from our store:

The only combination Smoke CO would be the 345Mhz Honeywell 5800COMBO

Ha now I remember why I didn’t get the Honeywell, it costs more than a separate smoke and CO. I’ll get the new 2GIG one, thanks for the response.

Any idea when the 2GIG will be back in stock?

They’ve been pushed back a few times in the past few months due to delays from the manufacturer. June is the most recent ETA but there is no solid date.