Smoke detector

My smoke detector is providing false alarms. I have changed the batteries and now i am seeing Red, Yellow, Green indicator. I am leaving town. How can I just take it out of my system?

Sensors can be removed from a 2GIG Panel by accessing system configuration. Navigate right to the appropriate zones, press the down arrow at the zone you wish to remove and set the RF Sensor Type to “(00) Unused”.

Zones marked as “Unused” are ignored by the panel. This video also shows how to remove zones.

Is this an SMKT3? Is the yellow LED blinking? If so how many seconds are between the yellow flashes? That will tell you the current condition.

4 Seconds indicates a general hardware fault
8 seconds indicates the sensing unit is dirty
12 seconds indicates low battery

Also, if you remove the sensor from programming, it looks like this is an SMKT3 using all three sensing loops. It would be three zones in programming that would need adjusted