smoke detector setup (ge)

Hope I put this in the right place…

Simon XT
GE Security, TX-6010-01-1, Supervised Wireless Smoke, Residential UL217 Transmitter

question with setup options.
I noticed the Simon xt has a smoke supervision (on/off) setting in its menu.
Does this need to be turned on ? Or as group 26 is this automatic ?

if it is triggered while cooking in kitchen accidentally what is the procedure to follow as not to have the fire department coming for dinner…

The semsor is mounted down the hall by the bedrooms but once in awhile my old smoke detectors would go off while cooking…

Ive searched here and the net and surprised I didn’t find an answer to this…

From the Simon XT Installation Manual regarding Smoke Supervision:

Determines how often the panel must receive supervisory
signals from the smoke sensors. If this option is on, the
panel must receive at least one supervisory signal from
smoke sensors every four hours or it will identify a sensor
failure and sound trouble beeps. If this option is off, the time
for receiving supervisory signals is determined by RF

Unless you have a landline premise number on your account call list with us, you must call in to the central station to cancel dispatch and report a false alarm with a fire sensor.

From our forum, found here:

  1. Call us immediately at 855-348-0367 when the fire alarm is triggered and cancel. You can call us from a mobile phone and cancel. We just can’t call your mobile phone before dispatching, we can only call a premise phone before dispatching.
  2. If you have 2-way voice on your account then we have the option of waiting until the 2-way voice call is connected and giving you the opportunity to cancel via 2-way voice before we dispatch the fire department. This is optional because some customers prefer to have us dispatch quickly and waiting on the 2-way voice call would delay the dispatch.
  3. Get a land line telephone at the premise and we will always call the premise number to give you a chance to cancel before we dispatch.