Smoke Detector Malfunction

the smoke/fire detector in the guest bedroom won’t stay connected to the system. I changed the batteries, and hit the “test” button which connected the device…then within 3 hours I was notified that it was “disconnected” from the system…hit test again, and it quickly re-connected…how do I keep it connected…or bypass it if I need a replacement?

It looks like this is related to sensor supervision, the periodic check-in signal sent by sensors to let the panel know they are still operational.

Low battery levels can degrade supervision signal quality, as can changes in the local environment for the sensor.

Has the sensor or panel been moved recently? The loss of sensor supervision should be expected to go away for a short while if another signal is sent from the smoke (like using the test button) but if supervision is lost regularly, which appears to be the case, it indicates a chronic issue.

How long has this been going on?

If you need to remove the sensor from your panel and anticipate replacement, see the following video for how to remove a sensor.

this has been happening for about 3 weeks since we moved the sensor during a remodel project…it is not close to the original location…I tried to disable the sensor…but got this warning

here is what I got when I selected system configuration (after watching video) after using what I think is the installers code of 1561…is that the correct code

correction…the sensor IS close to the original location

Well that’s weird. I just sent a command to unlock for you. (Q44 in programming) Try again in about 5 minutes.

OK, that worked…I removed the malfunctioning smoke detector from the system…what’s my next steps? Do I need to buy a new one or have it looked at?

Moving the sensor may have had an effect.

How far roughly is this detector from the main Control Panel?
Are there any large metal objects nearby?
What was the nature of the remodel?

If the remodel changed the surroundings near the detector significantly, the rf signal may be degraded from before.

Moving the detector a little closer to the panel, or moving it farther away from any large metal objects may help.

It may also indicate a failing radio in the detector itself, though that sort of thing would be rare. Manufacturer warranty on 2GIG Smoke detectors is 1 year. Replacements can be found on our website should troubleshooting not resolve the issue and you believe the detector to be faulty.