Smoke Detector Low Battery

I had three “Device Low Battery” alerts a few days ago, replaced the battery, and acknowledged all of the alerts. But every morning and evening, somehow the alerts from that day get unacknowledged, and the alarm starts beeping at me. I acknowledge them again, and the system is quiet for the next 8-12 hours, and then starts beeping again. Please advise.

I am happy to assist!

This appears to be related to a smoke detector correct? Is this the 2GIG-SMKT3?

The frustrating part of alerts at the panel is that acknowledging them will only temporarily make them go away. If they keep returning this means that the underlying problem has not been resolved.

In this case, you will want to remove the new batteries from the smoke detector and leave it completely powered down for about one minute, then put the new batteries back in and reinstall. Any Change?

The SMKT3 needs to be powered down completely for about a minute before replacing the batteries in order for the low battery to clear.