Smoke detector low battery not reporting

Hi, one of my smoke detectors just started a low battery chirp, but the panel is not reporting a low battery. Any idea why the smoke fault wouldn’t report? Is that an indication of a problem?


Update - I replaced the batteries but still chirping. I removed batteries for 30 seconds and blew out the sensor but no luck. I am getting a yellow light every 8 seconds with the chirp. Is that a communication issue? Sensor issue? Or in need of replacement?


Update #2 - exactly 4 hours since I took the batteries out of the SMKT3 and it JUST reported offline on the app and the panel.

On the 2GIG SMKT3-345, If the LED is flashing yellow every 8 seconds with a chirp every 48 seconds, that is not a low battery. That is an Alarm Dirty warning. You should get a loss of supervision after 4 hours or so at the panel.

On board trouble descriptors and cleaning instructions can be found in the manual