Smoke detector keeps going offline

My smoke detector keeps going offline and then back online after an hour or so. I have changed the batteries and that seemed to help but only for a few weeks. The smoke alarm is on the 2nd floor directly above the Qolsys IQ panel 2 on the 1st floor. Do I need to move the detector or is there something else I can do? The detector is a qolsys iqsmoke.

If you tamper that smoke detector does the panel report a tamper?

The one thing that looks odd is that your panel is reporting that the Smoke zone is programmed as an S-Line device, but the IQ Smoke is not S-Line encrypted.

The sensor frequency should just be normal RF319.5. Can you try editing that sensor under Settings > Advanced Settings > Installation > Devices > Security Sensors?

Change the radio frequency supported for that sensor to normal 319.5 RF

The panel does report a tamper when the detector is tampered. I went ahead and switched the frequency over to the correct one. I’m not sure why it was wrong. Hopefully this fixed it. Thanks!

I would try tampering it one more time after the change and make sure your panel is still getting signals from it normally.

Just to be sure, is there a decent amount of metal in between or nearby the smoke detector and panel? Typically that offline message, especially when intermittent, is a range or attenuation concern.

I tampered the detector again after the change and it worked fine. The only metal nearby is a washer and dryer. Or cars in the garage. I’ll keep an eye on it and let you know if it keeps going offline.

Alright, sounds good! Let us know how it goes!

Tonight I got a smoke detector failure. I tampered the detector and it went back to normal.

Offline means the supervision signal wasn’t picked up by the panel, but the tamper was, and that successful signal clears the offline status. What you are seeing is exactly what I would expect to see with a range, battery, or environmental interference issue. Strange given how close it is, but it would be worth a try to move the detector a few feet. Something in-wall may be causing attenuation issues.

If you move the detector do you still see offline reports?

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but did you ever get this resolved? I have a smoke detector that’s worked fine for 2 or so years that started doing this every night for the last few nights. Will disconnect and then reconnect a few hours later. Tried changing the batteries and still doing it. And last night I went down and looked at the device while it was ‘disconnected’ and it gave me the 12 second green LED flash like everything was fine.

I’m going to try to remove/re-add the device and upgrade my panel to IQ Panel to 2.7.2, but I wonder if these units just go bad after a few years?

I haven’t had a problem since I changed the frequency to RF319.5. I am on 2.7.2.

Thanks! I upgraded to 2.7.2 and didn’t get the drop last night. I do see that both my smokes (that were auto scanned/found) show up as S-Type. I’m going to switch over to RF319.5 on both of them as well.