Smoke detector issues

So I had one smoke detector that has caused two false alarms (one with fire dept to the door). After the last one, I had Surety help remove the device remotely (was out) and in process of replacing. Now I have a second one throwing false alarms - several today within a few minutes of each other. System is now in test mode and in process of pulling down all of the smoke detectors.
These detectors were installed 2+yrs ago with the original Qolsys unit (before Surety). They are Interlogix TX-6010-01-1 units. Ideas? Time to replace? I blew out the first one after the first false alarm, but continued to have issues.

What is the date code on the TX-6010-01-1 devices? In the compatibility list it says (Date Code 11303 or newer).

If that’s not the issue then you might try cleaning out the smoke detectors with a vacuum cleaner or compressed air.

There is a stamp of “Date MFG” and a small sticker somewhat by it of “16356F”

That’s newer than 11303. 16356 means the 356th day of 2016. Did you have a chance to try vacuum or compressed air?

I took all of the units down, apart and blew them out a month ago when this first came up. I had yet another one set off a false alarm today. What is going one with these things? This is also a 2016 unit.

Can you try the sensitivity test from the device manual and let us know what kind of flashes you see at the LED. See below:

TX-6010-01-1 LED Codes