Smoke Detector Dirty Sensor Fault

The Hallway Smoke Detector (Zone 11) is giving me a fire sensor trouble and a tamper for some reason. I checked the manual and it’s giving me the yellow light every 8 seconds and beep every 48 seconds. I followed recommend cleaning procedures, took out batteries out for 30 seconds to reboot and it still has the fault. Additionally, holding the test button does trip the alarm on the panel, but the units internal siren doesn’t go off though. I’m also confused why it’s reporting a tamper issue when the unit it’s properly on its base.

I placed the sensor on test with the monitoring center for 24 hours while we figure out whether the issue can be fixed or if the unit needs replacement.

Quick update: So doesn’t show the fire trouble anymore but still shows that the sensor is tampered when it’s not. Additionally, the sensor itself is still flashing yellow every 8 seconds and beeping every 48 seconds.

This is what the panel shows:

Remove the batteries, wait 5 minutes, replace with new batteries. Does it flash the same? It sounds like a device fault if you got no internal sounder from the alarm test. It very likely needs replaced.

That didn’t work either, so I went ahead and deleted it from the panel and going to purchase a replacement.

That is best. Offline malfunctions would be expected if the unit was dirty. A tamper trouble along with failure to sound internally would lead me to distrust the device state and believe it is faulty.

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Sounds good, I placed an order for a new one. Thank you for your help.