Smoke detection

2gig gc2 system running. Have fire fighter sensor on my smoke detector not impressed. Looking to upgrade to smoke ring but I keep seeing it’s discontinued yet 2gigs site says nothing about this. I am looking for something I can wire into my existing smoke detector network I have 5 total all connected. Is there a smoke detector that is 2gig smart than I can use to replace one in my network so if there is an event the alarm system is actually notified.

Hi Brian,

Would you mind sharing why you are not impressed with the FireFighter? That’s usually the best solution for connecting wired smokes to 2GIG.

Is your smoke detector network high voltage (most common) or low voltage (2-wire smokes for a security system)?

I’ve had a fire and extinguished it before the need of firefighters the fire fighter did nothing. I followed all the instructions to set it up so I would assume it’s right. I have a high power system with a messenger that connects all of them.

From what we’ve seen it works pretty well. A couple things to consider…

It takes 30 seconds of the alarm sounding for the FireFighter to detect the audio so it won’t send the signal until the smokes have been sounding for about 30 seconds.

You probably have it programmed properly but here’s a video just to make sure the loop number is right and everything. And it needs to be mounted within 6 inches of the smoke detector.

I’ve used the FireFighter sensor for years, and every false smoke alarm or test (with can of smoke) I have done it worked as designed. You should be able to press the test button on your smoke alarm and to see the red lights on the FireFighter flicker when the smoke is alerting.