Smoke / CO in attic

My gas furnace and part of my AC unit are in my attic. I’d like to install a smoke / CO. Will I have issues with heat? I’m in Texas.


The smoke/heat’s are not rated for attic temps. Anything over 135° will activate them (the fusable link is one time use). For attic’s you need fixed temp heats at 200°, and those, to my knowledge, are not available for 2GIG/Qolsys

What’s the best way to monitor that space then with equipment sold by Surety?

Surety, to my knowledge, does not sell equipment used for monitoring heat temps that exceed 135° in attic spaces. They do sell the firefighter, which may work if you can find battery backup/operated 200° fixed temp heat/Rate of Rise photo smoke detectors. 200° F temps or higher in Texas may severely impact the lifespan/functionality of the Firefighter if it is attic installed.

To do it properly, you should consider something like the Kidde HD200F ( HD200F are discontinued, but you can still get them online. Google it)

Most homes newly constructed, are required by electrical codes to have interconnected smoke alarms/CO devices in the sleeping areas, and at stairs. Most of these are Kidde. To do what you want, you would need to wire the kidde attic heat into the interconnected devices. So, you will need an electrician. You then my be able to monitor the interconnected smoke/heat devices with the Firefighter installed.

To my knowledge, only commercial/residential wired fire alarm systems use the attic heats. I am not aware of any that exist for burglary/ fire alarm systems that use GE/Honeywell wireless protocols.

I am also not aware of any compatible wireless Heat sensors rated for that kind of temperature, no. An interconnected 120VAC device tied in with your home smoke detectors is a great solution, as mentioned above. The Firefighter could then be mounted near a Smoke detector on a different floor.

You should not, however, try to use a Firefighter with a stand-alone Attic device (Firefighter mounted in Attic) Attic temps can far exceed the operating temp range of the Firefighter.