Smoke Alarm Settings


I have a 2GIG “Smoke Ring” detector wired up to one of my smoke detectors, and it works fine. What I don’t like is false alarms caused by cooking in the kitchen calling up the central monitoring and then having to talk via 2-way, etc. to cancel the call.

Is there anyway to setup the smoke detector so it only calls when the alarm is armed, either away or home? If we are home and awake, then I’d rather not deal with having it report automatically.


Fire zones report regardless of the panel being armed, there is no way to change that for fire zones. As a life safety device you can’t override it.

There are of course ways to program it as an incorrect zone type to achieve that effect, but it would no longer report as a fire zone, wouldn’t be handled properly by ADC/Central station, and is generally not a good idea.

One option would be to set that sensor as a notification only zone type (type 23 No Response Type) so that zone never triggers an alarm, just notifications you create, but you lose out on the benefits of central station fire monitoring.

Another option, if you have not tried yet, would be to use the Zone type 16, Fire with Verification, which requires a second activation or about a full 30 seconds of triggering before sending an alarm signal.

Thanks Jason, I’ll try that out.