Smoke Alarm Malfunction

I am seeing “Smoke alarm- Malfunction” on my web access page. What does this mean?

On your panel do you see the Smoke Alarm Malfunction warning and does it say Loss of Supervision?

Has this smoke been recently installed/moved or has it been installed and working for a while and just recently reported this malfunction?

Lastly, How far away is the smoke detector from your panel?

Hi Tyler. I don’t see an error on the panel. It is in the web console.
Also,I installed the system a short time ago and got the error right away.

It is about 15 feet from the panel.


I do not see a malfunction with the smoke detector on the account at this time. If you had only recently installed the system, any missed supervision check by the detector may have caused a malfunction message which was later resolved by a sensor signal.

Was the smoke detector installed at the time you saw the message? How long was it installed?

You can check the panel history itself for any alerts that may have previously occurred.