SmartThings as secondary: will this work?

IQ panel 2, has Dome z-wave shutoff and 3 Honeywell water sensors associated, with rule setup in
ST Hub has several water sensors, which are zigbee
If I set up the ST z-wave hub, as secondary to the iQ panel, will the ST hub “see” the water shutoff valve associated with the iQ? What I would like to do is leverage the ST water sensors and create a rule in SmartThings to use the water shutoff valve on the iQ panel, rather than having SmartThings just send an alert if one of “it’s” water sensors detect a leak. Thanks

Yes, what you are looking for should work there.

ST wouldn’t actually control it through the IQ Panel 2+, but the Z-wave device list would be shared from the primary controller to the secondary.

ST would be able to control the valve independently in parallel to the IQ Panel, so you could set up ST automation (whatever is possible there)

Note the reverse would not be true. You wouldn’t have visibility or access to incompatible devices paired with ST through the IQ Panel or ADC.

Yep, that worked.