Smart Multipoint Door Lock Itegration with ADC

We are currently undergoing a home renovation and addition. As part of the addition we’ve replaced our back doors. The new doors use a multipoint locking mechanism manufactured by Hoppe. It seems these multipoint locks are very common in Europe but not so much in the US. I’m trying to find a solution to integrate a smart lock that is compatible with the multipoint locking system into our existing ADC system with Qolsys panel. Would this lock with bluetooth and Apple Homekit be compatible? Avia secure smart lock - Avia
Are there any other multipoint lock options compatible with ADC?


That door lock you linked is not compatible, however some Z-wave deadbolt/handle combos are available.

See the official supported devices page here.

Thanks Jason. Unfortunately it seems there isn’t an easy solution for a multipoint lock system. A simple deadbolt/handle combo won’t work. The multipoint lock system engages the door jamb at 3 different points and the handle must be pulled upward to engage this system before it will lock. I think my only feasible option is always remembering to pull up on the handle after shutting the door and rigging up the Danalock V3 to work. This option falls apart though if I’ve left the house and forgotten to pull up on the handle.
I could also abandon the door lock all together and use the Haven Connect. This seems less than ideal and with an 8’ tall door I’m not sure it would really be all that secure.
The Yale Assure lock on the list is for multipoint doors but unfortunately only seems to work with Andersen doors.