Smart Away Settings

My smart away settings should shift my thermostats to 78 degrees. It doesn’t seem that they are working consistently. Any tips on troubleshooting this problem?

Which Smart away options were you using at the time? Can you describe the settings and how you tested?

Yes, when I have the alarm set to away, my thermostats should turn up to 78 degrees. My alarm was set to away and the schedules were behaving as they would normally according to the app (and the house temp when I got home).

Hmm, given the firmware version I cannot see too much detail regarding Z-wave communication, but I do see that both T-stats are reporting having been learned in on battery power. This puts them in FLIRS mode, or frequently listening routing slave.

This mode essentially initiates a sleep mode for Z-wave radio as it would otherwise chew through batteries very quickly. Locks can only be set for this mode, which is why they typically need more of a boost from nearby AC powered nodes. These devices are far more prone to miss commands and fail to report status, especially if you do not have many repeaters (looks like only one here)

Thermostats can be used with FLIRS, or as an always on repeater, however this requires them to be learned in while connected to 24VAC.

Do you have the C wire connected on these tstats currently? I would recommend removing and relearning the Tstats on AC power first. (You can bring the panel close while it is running on battery.) Be sure to run a network rediscovery after everything is back in permanent location.

Ok, so I checked the tstats, they both lack a C-wire. I checked the a stray fifth wire, but it was not live. I 'm fuzzy on what you are telling in the last 2 paragraphs. Am I out of luck, short of getting a hot common wire to the tstats?

With the HVAC not running, you would see voltage between Rh and C (stray wire). Check in the HVAC terminals, is the fifth wire connected to C?