Smart Away problems

I asked about this in two recent calls, unfortunately they did not have additional info. The reps confirmed that they do still have an open internal ticket that engineers are working on. I am not sure why this particular issue is taking so long other than perhaps difficulty replicating.

I seem to be experiencing similar issues with Start Away not working. Has there been any update from ADC on this?

Nothing new has been reported at this time.

I am having a similar “Smart Away” issue. For me, when I arm my system away using a key fob, the thermostat setting does not change. But if I arm it away using the iOS app on my iPhone, then the thermostat setting does change.

Are you just using the arm buttons in the app or are you triggering a scene?

When you arm at the panel, not via a keyfob but on the panel screen, does smart away trigger?

yes, when I trigger a scene in the app, it does correctly set the thermostat temp. But if I use the app to arm away, it does not set the thermostat temp. Arming away at the panel does not set the thermostat temp either.