Smart arming and disarming

Trying to setup smart arming for upgraded IQ4 panel and IQ sensors that were part of an IQ Panel 2 system. In particular looking to setup “Arm stay” in the evening

Am able to setup smart arming for “Arm Stay” after cessation of movement picked up by certain sensors just fine.

However, trying to do smart disarming/ wakeup, I have set to disarm when activity recognized in room motion sensors within a certain time window. The system recognizes motion in this window in the logs (showing motion at several sensors), but the system did not disarm as expected.

Any guidance on how to set this up correctly?


Looking at your account and history, your morning activity this morning occurred right after the end of the time-frame you have stipulated for automatic disarm in the rule, which looks like is why it did not fire. The only motion which showed activity just before that end time is not used for the rule.

Did you have the disarm at [chosen end time] even if no activity option selected at the time?

This morning it was set to automatically disable at 7am if no motion activity otherwise had happened. I set off all the motion sensors to test it at after 0650 but it didn’t disarm

I switched it this afternoon so that the end window of activity was 6:50am to see if there was an issue of overlap (the motion window went to 0700 and the auto disarm was set for 0700)

Alright, adjusting the time is a good test. I would also try disabling the rule. Wait 10 minutes. Then re-enable it to ensure it is saved properly.