SkybellHD Versions

I understand that a new version of the SkyBellHD is now available for ADC. Other than form factor, what are the differences between the slimline model and the round model? Are we expecting any upgrades to the device (i.e., not firmware updates)?

The slim-line version is largely a form factor change. It is otherwise the same. It does not however use the same firmware versions and according to ADC documentation the Slim Line will not work on the Skybell app itself, only through

Thanks, Jason. I am planning on installing a SkyBell when our remodel is done (probably the Fall). Should I go ahead and buy one now or is there a reason gto wait?

I suppose the form factor is the only question between the two here, so if you are planning on using the round model, no there wouldn’t be an issue.

We’ve yet to see if the long narrow form has any impact on wifi signaling.

I thought I read somewhere that this slimline only has 720P vs the HD having 1080P. Is that accurate?

Yes, that is correct. The Slimline is 720P.