SkyBell Trim PLus 1080p Video Doorbell & ADC

Does the newer “SkyBell Trim PLus 1080p Video Doorbell” work with the ADC? or only the ADC-branded Slim Line Doorbell Camera w/Two-Way Audio & Night Vision (ADC-VDB105/6) ???

We need a narrow profile unit.

In other words reason not to get higher resolution, newer SKU?

Only compatibility limited info from Google-fu on the interwebs…

The Trim Plus 1080p is not currently compatible with

The ADC-VDB101 SkyBell WiFi Doorbell and the ADC-VDB105 Slim Line Doorbell Camera would be compatible however.

In order to utilize the SkyBell Doorbell Camera, you would need either Cloud Video Level 1 or the SkyBell-Only Video add on enabled on your account. You can view pricing and add ons here.

Should you need to enable one of the above add ons, you can send your request via our Secure Message Tool, for account verification purposes.

Is it on the radar?

We’ve not heard any update on this, but will stay tuned and post any info we hear.

Any update? Moving into a new house soon and like the aesthetics of the slim over the original.

Thank you

The Trim Plus is not made for ADC and is not compatible. I cannot say whether compatibility would ever happen, but there is no available detail on that at this time. I would not assume compatibility.

For a slim version of the Skybell which is compatible with, you should look at the ADC-VDB105 Slim Line Doorbell Camera.