Skybell through the panel?

Do you think in the future I will be able to control the skybell from my qolsys iq panel?

For video purposes, I would say no, in general I wouldn’t expect to view video on the alarm panel screen. This may change as the panels get more complex and the screens have higher res, etc. However, the general idea of an Intercom style device is not likely to be pursued as it limits communication to one spot in the home.

The smartphone can be used anywhere, with better resolution.

Most of the developmental focus on the systems is on freeing the user from manual control with a move toward more automation and more remote interaction.

Well, as it turns out, you can now view video cameras on the IQ Panel 2 screen. This feature is available to all users with an IQ Panel 2 and Cloud Video service add-on. This includes two way audio with the video doorbell camera.

See this thread for more information.