Skybell pro 2

I can’t find add a doorbell to my adc account on the app. How do I add a doorbell if that option isn’t on the list.

Do you have a part number for that camera? I do not believe that version specifically is compatible with

The following Skybell cameras are compatible:

  • SkyBell HD ADC-VDB101, ADC-VDB102
  • SkyBell Slimline ADC-VDB105, ADC-VDB106
  • SkyBell Slimline II ADC-VDB105x, ADC-VDB106x

More information on these cameras can be found here:

Additionally, I am not showing that you have Video enabled on your service account.

If using one compatible video doorbell, you would need to add the Video Doorbell Only add-on ($3 /mo), to your account.

Changes to your service plan are made through the System Manager feature of your Surety account. This process can be done at anytime.

Ok so that was problem number 1. I know have added doorbell video to my account. Now it keeps failing to connect to ADC. It stays on 10% for a few meets while the doorbell flashes orange and then the doorbell goes back to solid green and the app says installation failed.

Thank you for that information. To confirm, what is the part number of the doorbell in use? If unsure, please submit a photo of the unit front and back.

More information on how to resolve this specific issue with a compatible SkyBell can be found here:

It does go from flashing orange to solid green

This dorbell wawas previously hooked up on my last ADC account so Im not sure why it will not hook up to this one.

That version is not compatible. See this post here:

It literally worked for 3 years and now it doesn’t? That doesn’t make sense.

It is the same panel even just a new monitor. I was with safe haven and now surety. That is the only change.

Will a nest doorbell work with

Will a nest doorbell work with

Nest cameras are not compatible. The follow are all doorbell video cameras compatible with

Doorbell Cameras