Skybell not ringing at panel but still sends notifications to phone

Hey there!
Like the title says, my skybell seems to work fine in general and will record when pressed as well as send the push notifications to the connected phones with no issue. The only issue is that the panel does not ring or get the notification at all. The panel can still pull up the video without issue.

I’ve already restarted the panel and made sure the volume is up. All other chimes and sensors interact with the panel as expected.

What could be going on?

Just to be sure, you are referencing only Button Push notifications, right? Not motion triggered ones?

The notifications must be enable separately from just streaming to the panel under the Video Device Settings. It looks like Button Push notifications are indeed currently set to be sent to your panel.

Rebooting the doorbell would be the first step I would try. I’ve sent a few troubleshooting commands to it. Allow 10 minutes or so, then you can test at any time. Let me know if you see any improvement.