Skybell HD Static

The Skybell HD doorbell camera we have installed has had very static filled audio since I installed it. I’m not sure what to check to resolve this and didn’t see a topic on this when searching the forum.

Could someone point me to the proper thread or offer any guidance on troubleshooting steps?

We had an existing doorbell that I replaced, so it’s possible I didn’t wire it properly or missed a step.


How much static? Is the audio garbled enough to the point you cant understand what is being said, or is it low, in the background?

How far away is the SkyBell from the router/access point?
If you run a speed test at the install site, what is the result?

Sorry for the long delay here. The audio is pretty bad in terms of static and it’s loud enough to muffle the sounds of anything else.

The SkyBell is at the front door and the router is at the top of the stairs which is straight ahead so…~30’ maybe upstairs and around one corner.

We have 1G fiber into the house so speed tests are pretty good.

I’m wondering if it may be associated with the wiring or chime that we have, but I don’t know where to start that troubleshooting.

Did you have any firmware manually applied to the Doorbell? It reports you have 3058 firmware. Latest stable non-beta release is 3052.

If so was that to resolve a specific issue?

Looks like this has been installed for a long time. Reports installation date of 5/29/2019, is that right?

Can you send us a short example of the audio in a clip via private message ?

Jason, I’m not sure when I last updated the firmware, but it wasn’t for any specific reason. Also, I could check the receipt for when I purchased and installed it, but you’re probably right on the date.

I’ll check and see if I can figure out how to share a clip already saved. Do I need to know an email or anything specific to do so?

Use the Private Message Surety link in the banner at the top of this site. You can then upload media in the message.

If you would prefer email you can use