Skybell doorbell motion detection

Our round skybell video camera will not detect and record motion beyond 3 feet from door. Live video is clear for 50 feet. I want motion to be detected at least 15 feet away… is there a fix?

Typically I would check firmware and camera details, but it doesn’t look like there is a Surety account attached to this. If you use Surety through a different name let me know via private message. If not, no worries, just be sure to double check the firmware version is at the latest in the device info section in

A good general few steps to try:

  1. Power cycle the Skybell.
  2. Disable, wait five minutes, and re-enable the motion recording rule.
  3. If those don’t have an effect, try a factory reset on the camera. If you initiate a Factory Reset, the Doorbell Camera will need to be re-connected to Wi-Fi and resynced with the account.

To reset: Press and HOLD the button until the LED begins a Yellow rapid strobe flash. The reset could take up to 2 minutes.

Any luck?

What is the normal distance for the motion detector to record activity?

Sam Hoffman

The SkyBell Doorbell Camera’s motion detection range is approximately 8 feet at the highest sensitivity and incrementally lower on lower settings. In cold weather higher sensitivity especially can cause more frequent recordings.

An ADC-VDB770 may be better suited, as it uses Video Analytics rules or motion detection rather than PIR, which can be fine-tuned to your desired effects.

What brand name is the

The ADC-VDB770 is a new video doorbell. It is by

better to buy quality one.