Skybell ADC-VDB105 not working half the time

I have had this doorbell for a year or two and having issues where the stream doesn’t load half the time I try to via the app. Also when someone rings the doorbell and I try to see who it is half the time it fails to connect to the camera. I have 80% wifi signal per the website and am on firmware 3067

Is there any specific ports I need to forward in my router?

Right now the doorbell is showing a 78% strength, however in the last few days I see some historical readings of 10% too.

One common issue when using the home wifi network is that 2.4Ghz and the 5Ghz band must be separated with unique SSIDs for best performance of wifi cameras. Using the same SSID for both bands allows the device to hop between bands, often at the router’s discretion with newer routers using band steering and optimization software.

This can frequently interrupt streaming, due in part to 5Ghz having a shorter range, and from the hopping itself interrupting the connection.

Can you confirm whether you are using the same SSID for both? This is likely and typically the default on all newer routers. If so try splitting the 5Ghz band off with a unique SSID. I would recommend to leave the 2.4Ghz the same and let the camera just connect to 2.4Ghz.

After some testing do you see similar issues or does it improve?

I have always had seperate SSIDs. No idea why it would be dipping to 10%

Can you verify whether the doorbell is connected to 2.4 or 5ghz network? If it is not on 2.4, make sure to switch it to the 2.4Ghz network.

Do you have more than one access point for that network? Ideally it should only be able to connect to one closest access point.

Are you noticing any difficulty with the Skybell housing closing properly? Any swelling of the battery?

I reset the doorbell camera and removed it from my account but now I cant readd it because it says the customer cant install video devices.

There have been other reports of this, there can be a delay between when the device is removed and being able to re-learn. I would recommend waiting 20 minutes, then login again to ADC to try again.