Siren Voice Driver

Is it possible to add an Ademco voice driver to an external siren on the 2gig?

What is the model number of the device you are looking to integrate?

Ademco 745x3 voice siren drivers, something like this…

It looks like you’d be able to use with the 2GIG panel. It would need a dedicated 12VDC power supply, and I would use the open collector output instead of the Bell output on the 2GIG panel, but it looks like it would work.

Actually, hold off on that for a moment. I have to do a little more research more I can confirm that using the driver is possible.

It turns out I was correct. This should be the way you’ll want to wire it up. Terminal 1 on the 2GIG panel will go to terminal 2 on the driver. Terminal 4 on the 2GIG panel will go to Terminal 7 on the Driver. Wire up a dedicated 12VDC power supply so that + goes to terminal 6 and - is on terminal 7. Use terminals 4 and 5 to wire up to your speaker.

After you do that, make sure you configure Q78 in programming to activate the open collector when you want the speaker to sound.

Wow, good stuff thanks! So there’s no possibility of connecting it to terminals 5&6 for power?

Silly question but do I need a separate blank speaker or would something like this over-ride the warble sound from an Ademco 747 speaker.


Unfortunately no, it looks like the driver requires constant power to function, so a dedicated power supply will be necessary.

The Ademco 747 speaker isn’t compatible with that driver. The Ademco 746, 746f, and 749 will work with the driver. Also the 8 Ohm Ademco 705-820 and 713 speakers will work as well.

I know this wouldn’t be supported by 2GIG nor recommended but I wonder if I could jumper the 12v supply going into the 2GIG terminals and get the power to the voice driver that way. Also, do you think I could fit the voice driver inside the 2gig panel even though it’s not designed for this or am I getting carried away.

That’s probably getting a little too carried away. I wouldn’t suggest trying to power the device using the 2GIG panel. The 2GIG panel is not designed to provide power to other devices for any significant period of time. Also, I wouldn’t suggest putting anything into the the panel that isn’t supposed to be there. It’s possible that any additions could interrupt communication between the panel and the sensors.

I heard something about the transformers today after watching a 2gig lead training video on youtube…

the 14v that comes with the 2gig panel is very closely matched to the needs of the panel so if you were to try to power something else directly from it in addition to the panel you shorten the life of the power supply…

basically adding more stuff to the power supply fries it… not right away but faster.

I am guessing thats why the outputs for bell and aux are very low power.

What is the voltage that does come from the bell and aux outputs? Is is between 5VDC and 12VDC?

See the attached image for a description of the bell output.