Siren Questions/Qolsys

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A couple questions to ask your guidance:

I have the Qolsys IQ Panel (1st gen) and recently paired three Everspring sirens. Oddly they paired with the type code of “Water Valve” and hence aren’t functioning. My provider indicated they can’t force a type code change on their end. I read on these forums an older post indicating they weren’t compatible with IQ Panel and just wanted to confirm this is still the case? I guess I’d been under the mistaken impression that Zwave was standardized etc.

Separately, I do have an Aeotec Siren (Gen5), however the issue there is once triggered upon disarm it continues to sound for the full 4mins. I can physically press the button underneath the siren to silence but that’s less than ideal (and, in the event of an valid alarm event…not good!).

Thanks much for any guidance in this regard…

Many thanks

Happy to assist! This list here, would be the officially compatible Z-Wave device list from Qolsys for the first gen IQ Panel.

To better assist, what is your panel’s firmware version?

Thanks Tyler! My firmware is updated to the latest, 1.6xx…

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Changes occur between versions. Which version are you using? 1.6.1, 1.6.2, or 1.6.3?

Apologies, confirmed using 1.6.3

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Ah, alright thank you, just wanted to confirm that it was the latest version available.

We’re checking with Qolsys whether or not there are any known issues. The siren should otherwise follow the internal sounder.

Do you have any additional AC powered Z-wave repeating devices between the siren location and the panel? If the siren is the only device it may be a distance or communication concern.

Very kind of you, thanks Warren! The three everspring sirens aren’t mounted, right now they’re sitting right next to the main IQ panel.

I have some Zwave smoke/co detectors that I’ve paired in but still in boxes right now. So guessing communication should be ok given proximity to panel. My provider (btw when my contract runs out I am coming to you guys!!!) says they see them listed as “Zwave sirens” on their side but on my panel it says “water valve”. When I trip the alarm only the Aeotec sounds nothing from the eversprings…

Thanks again

I have some Zwave smoke/co detectors

Z-wave Smoke detectors are not compatible. If you have smoke detectors connected they would be GE 319.5 mhz.

Also note we are specifically referring to devices that are powered via AC, plugged into an outlet or a Z-wave switch, typically. Battery operated Z-wave devices do not repeat signals.

However, we’ve received word from Qolsys that they have in the past investigated this behavior and it seems to affect only some Aeotec sirens and is not expected. They recommend getting the siren replaced.

Thanks very much for the intel !