SimonXTi Touchpad problems

I have a Simon XTi system installed in 2013 with two remote touchpads. Both touchpads have errored out after about 2 minutes when trying to add to the system. I bought a new touchpad and it also errored out. What is the next step?

So I understand clearly, you have had the two remote touchpads installed and working with the panel since 2013? If they’ve been installed since 2013 why do you need to add them to the system now? Did they recently get removed from the system? Were they removed intentionally or did they disappear from the system on their own?

One started acting intermittently and occasionally displaying the message that it lost communication. Tried removing and re-adding to the system. Did not work. Used second keypad. When received new keypad, also would not configure. Ended up trying to reconfigure my old second keypad and found it would not take the configuration also.

When you’re re-enrolling keypads that were previously enrolled in the panel, are you first deleting them from the panel? Make sure a previously enrolled keypad has been deleted from the panel before you try to re-enroll it.

The fact that a previously working keypad stopped working indicates that a physical communication problem has occurred in either that keypad or the main panel. If you’ve tried properly enrolling multiple keypads (after deleting them first if necessary) and none are working then I would lean toward the communication issue being on the main panel.

Have there been any sensor communication issues as well? Or just the with keypads?

Were there any changes or service work done on either the main panel or keypad before the keypad communication problem first occurred?