Simon XTi system

Hi, I have an existing GE Simon XTi security system with a 3G Verizon cellular module. I am considering to open a new account with suretydiy. I have verified with your website that the module is unregistered can be used to open a new account. I saw some 2GIG DIY steps to enroll into the system, however I couldn’t find anything on enrolling a Simon XTi system. What are the steps?

I also tried adding gold DIY service into the cart, but there is no place it asks me for the module serial number, so it’s not clear how it works.

When you purchase service as part of the check out process, you will be taken to a survey page where you submit the information we need in order to create your account. After that has been submitted and once your order for service has been processed you will receive a welcome email with the information you need to log into your ADC powered account.

By Enroll, are you referring to adding sensors to your panel? Adding the module to your panel? Or do you mean setting up monitoring service?