Simon XTi question

I checked the gsm module on your site and it said its a 2g unit, but when I emailed UTC about it they said for the model I have it only comes in 3g because it has z wave. Can you help me figure this out because i’m trying to activate the unit for service.

Happy to help. Can you provide the model number of your current module? (The one the check tool said was 2G)

Model# on the box 600-1048-xt-zx-at. SN# on the bag is 01251-4008218501 - x152-at. The model# on the box doesn’t seem to appear again on the chipset.

Interesting, that model number is indeed a 3G HSPA model according to GE. Would you be able to email a photo of the module to ? That would help us determine what is going on here.


Well this is interesting. The module instructions claim that model number as a 3G HSPA card. The box labels it as a GSM. The X— number on the serial number sticker on the packaging (on yours X152) designates the module firmware and by extension, whether it is 2G or 3G. I am informed by that this is a 2G module you have.

It looks like the instructions were updated before all the cards were. The only other way to effectively tell the difference on a Simon XT/XTi AT&T module is the date code on the box. Unfortunately, I am told the same model number was used as the firmware updates continued and the modules became 3G. (Yes, this seems exceptionally stupid to me.)

You will want to contact the seller of this module as it is not usable. Inform them that you require an HSPA 3G (if you want to stick with AT&T) and that the firmware designation on the sticker needs to be X177 or higher (for the latest features and 3G)

I will contact the seller. Thanks for your help.